Why Fight

What kind of situation are you in now?

  • Are you automatically guilty of an offence?
  • Should you just pay the fine?
  • Could you defend the charge?

Did you know that a Traffic Ticket has more penalties that will ultimately cost you much more than the ticket fine itself?

And did you know that each Traffic Ticket can have three or more penalties?

Consider the costs:

  • A Fine is attached to each ticket.
  • Demerit points are attached to most traffic tickets.
    Accumulating enough points could result in an immediate 30 days-6 months license suspension. While the Ministry of Transport allows you to accumulate demerit points, once you have reached 6,9,15 points, you’ll be called in for either an interview or to have your license suspended immediately for 30 days to six months.
  • Your insurance rates could rise.
    Your insurance company assesses your rates depending on what they perceive as their risk of having to pay a claim on you. If you have traffic tickets on your record they are going to judge you accordingly, and could increase your rates.
  • Immediate 30-day suspensions are automatic with some ticket offences, especially those involving learners’ licenses.

Insurance rates have been known to increase 100% to 200 % from Traffic Tickets.

Insurance companies are now assessing your driving record to increase your insurance rate. Even minor convictions on your driving record can be used against you.

To increase your rates, Insurance companies look at convictions, not just what your tickets. For example, one minor ticket for speeding 10 or 20 km over the limit might not increase your rates, but not having your insurance card at the time would be considered a second conviction and that would send your rates up.

If you are involved in an accident, with any of these minor convictions on your record, expect your rates to double or more.

You must always keep your driving record as clear as possible, if only for the insurance implications.

Traffic tickets such us Careless Driving, Speeding more than 50km over the limit, Fail to Remain, and Failing to Stop for a School Bus, will automatically make your insurance rates double or triple!

Insurance rates have been known to soar from $1000 to $10,000+ as a result of Traffic Tickets!

Can you defend yourself? Maybe, but with the serious implications that can result from a traffic ticket it’s dangerous to do so, your insurance rates and suspension of you license could be in jeopardy.

Call an expert!