Any traffic ticket can severely impact your insurance rates; any motor vehicle accident may have a dual impact on your insurance rates.

What we do for your accident related charge.

  • Review your accident case and provide an expert assessment of the situation.
  • Apply for the disclosure to determine the strength and weaknesses in the prosecutions case.
  • Review in detail the investigation of the officer by a qualified professional trained in accident investigation.
  • Bring forth any errors or flaws in the investigation to the prosecutor and Justice of the Peace within the scope of courtroom procedures.
  • File any required paperwork including procedural documents, motions or notices of constitutional question that maybe required as your case develops.
  • Expertly represent your case in court

Did you know?

  • Less than 10% of all police officers in Ontario receive specific, detailed accident investigation training.
  • Most officers receive only rudimentary accident investigation instruction at Police College.
  • Police Officers in Ontario are not issued the Highway Traffic Act.
  • Officers are only issued a “wording booklet” which gives them an abbreviated wording of the charges of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario, the section number and the amount of fines to be entered on the certificate.

The average driver who suddenly becomes involved in a collision is in a state of shock and may even be injured, They look at the damage to their car which moments before was in one piece.Many things are going through your mind such as your insurance rates ,in this moment of distraction and confusion you then find yourself being questioned by a uniformed police officer and you are asked for an explanation of what happened.Given all the circumstances at the scene and the driver’s mental distraction it is unlikely that the explanation will be full and complete or even accurate whether or not an offence has been committed you find yourself charge with an offence.